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My name is Kat Jones.


I am a creator.

I am proficient in many different types of digital design. From: Print, Logo's/ Branding, Business cards, Info cards, Brochures, Basic web design, Tee shirt design and Photo Alterations.

Please note that all photos must have a consent form from the photographer, unless the photo is 80 years old or older. Family photo's you take yourself are excluded from this.
I have been doing design work since 2008 and have been fortunate enough to learn many different styles of creating, besides digital. For the last nine years I have been able to try my hand at Jewelry design, practical jewelry creation and repair. During this time though I never lost my love for helping others in my community, from helping make T-shirt designs, to designing or proofing Posters and flyers for local charity events. 

My favorite thing within my work is how it makes people feel. Every image and piece of practical creation has both myself as well as my customers hearts involved in the creation. So the final result should convey that easily. Whether that be Aw, happiness, bitter sweet memories or just inspiring them to look at something in a new light. These and more are all feelings I want to give those whom I work for.

That's what I am, a creator of feelings, and that's why I love what I do more then anything. 

If you have any questions click the contact link. 

Thank you,


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